Tintagel Castle: Quiz

Question 1: ________'s Tristram of Lyonesse is one of the versions of the Tristan and Iseult legends where some of the events are set at Tintagel.
EnglandDante Gabriel RossettiCharles Lamb (writer)Algernon Charles Swinburne

Question 2: Tintagel Castle (grid reference SX051889) is a castle currently in ruins found on Tintagel Island, located near the village of Tintagel in ________, England, UK.

Question 3: It is often speculated that it was a summer residence for the rulers of one of the kingdoms of ________.
Sub-Roman BritainDumnoniaCornwallDumnonii

Question 4: It was claimed by ________ in the 12th century that the castle at Tintagel Head was where King Uther Pendragon seduced Queen Igraine of Cornwall, while her husband, Gorlois, was under siege at Dimilioc.
BedeKing ArthurGeoffrey of MonmouthHistoria Regum Britanniae

Question 5: The locomotive 'Tintagel Castle' was built for the ________ in the 4073 series and was in service 1927-1962.
London, Brighton and South Coast RailwaySouthern Railway (Great Britain)Bristol Temple Meads railway stationGreat Western Railway

Question 6: In 1999 there was some controversy regarding this site and others under the care of the English Heritage organisation in ________.

Question 7: The castle is traditionally linked to the legend of ________ and as such it is currently a popular tourist site run by English Heritage.
King Arthur's familyKing ArthurHistorical basis for King ArthurKing Arthur's messianic return

Question 8: [7] ________ was thus conceived and Tennyson made the castle his birthplace.
King Arthur's familyHistorical basis for King ArthurKing ArthurKing Arthur's messianic return

Question 9: Tintagel Castle is one of the landholdings of the Duke of Cornwall, ________, who refuses to reveal the date or circumstances under which the castle was transferred to the care of English Heritage.
Charles, Prince of WalesPrince Philip, Duke of EdinburghPrince William of WalesPrince Harry of Wales

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Tintagel_Castle)