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Timex Sinclair 1000: Quiz


Question 1: It replaced the earlier machine's ZX81-like case with a ________-like case (in Silver), the same ZX Spectrum rubber keyboard, a custom ULA (it does not have the Ferranti ULA) and increased the onboard RAM to 16 KB.
SAM CoupéZX SpectrumHobbit (computer)Sinclair Research

Question 2: The Timex Sinclair 1000 (TS1000) was the first computer produced by Timex Sinclair, a joint-venture between Timex Corporation and ________.
ZX80Sinclair QLSinclair ResearchZX Spectrum

Question 3: The TS1000 was a slightly modified Sinclair ZX81 with an ________ RF modulator instead of a UK PAL (Units sold in Portugal have a PAL RF modulator) device and the onboard RAM doubled to two KBs.
NTSCSECAMBroadcast television systemsATSC (standards)

Question 4: The only form of long-term storage was to plug into a home ________ recorder.
Compact CassetteCompact DiscReel-to-reel audio tape recordingGramophone record


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