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Timescape (Star Trek: The Next Generation): Quiz


Question 1: On entering the transporter room Picard finds three Romulans who have just been beamed aboard by ________.
WorfStar Trek: First ContactStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: Deep Space Nine

Question 2: Their vessel, he finds, is surrounded by several temporal anomalies, and inside each, time is moving at different rates relative to normal ________.
Proper timeTime dilationT-symmetrySpacetime

Question 3: Picard and Troi join Data in ________, where Data has discovered that the source of a power surge is a warp core breach that is progressing at an infinitesimal rate.
EngineeringCivil engineeringMechanical engineeringElectrical engineering

Question 4: Transporting over to the Warbird, the away team finds the ________ crew frozen, just like the crew on the Enterprise.
RomulanThe Enterprise IncidentStar Trek NemesisStar Trek (film)

Question 5: Eventually the runabout crew locate the Enterprise only to find it face-to-face with a ________.
Cardassian starshipsFerengiRomulan starshipEnterprise (NX-01)

Question 6: "Timescape" is an episode from the sixth season of the ________ Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Soap operaLost (TV series)Reality televisionTelevision program

Question 7: The aliens had mistaken the artificial singularity for a natural one, a ________, which they use as nests.
Schwarzschild metricKerr metricKerr–Newman metricBlack hole

Question 8: In Picard's absence, Riker commands the Enterprise and responds to a ________ ship's distress call.
Star Trek (film)Star Trek NemesisThe Enterprise IncidentRomulan

Question 9: Timescape at ________ (a Star Trek wiki)
Star Trek: First ContactStar Trek: The Motion PictureMemory AlphaTrekkie

Question 10: Crusher and Commander La Forge safe but a warp core breach still in progress, Data erects a containment field around the ________ to delay the breach.
Warp driveHolodeckTransporter (Star Trek)Geordi La Forge


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