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Timeline of radio: Quiz


Question 1: Later, the history is dominated by programming and contents, which is closer to general ________.
TimeHistoryGeologic time scalePeriodization

Question 2: April 1909: Charles David Herrold, an electronics instructor in ________ constructed a broadcasting station.
Santa Clara, CaliforniaSunnyvale, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaSan Francisco

Question 3: 1920s: Radio was first used to transmit pictures visible as ________.
TelevisionMechanical televisionClosed captioningVideo

Question 4: On land-lines in the 1930s, ________ automated encoding, and were adapted to pulse-code dialing to automate routing, a service called telex.
Computer terminalASCIITelegraphyTeleprinter

Question 5: 1894: ________ died.
Heinrich HertzHenri BecquerelIsaac NewtonNikola Tesla

Question 6: 1897: Marconi established the radio station on the Isle of Wight, ________.
ScotlandUnited KingdomWalesEngland

Question 7: [1] The apparatus that he used contained all the elements that were incorporated into radio systems before the development of the "oscillation valve", the early ________.
Vacuum tubeHot cathodeX-rayDiode

Question 8: 1901: Marconi claims to have received in St. John's, Newfoundland a radio signal transmitted from Poldhu in ________ (UK), but this is disputed.

Question 9: 1885 to 1892: Claims have been made that ________ farmer Nathan Stubblefield invented radio, but his devices seem to have worked by induction transmission rather than radio transmission.
Murray, KentuckyHenderson, KentuckyHopkinsville, KentuckyLouisville, Kentucky

Question 10: Using various ________, the company called "British Marconi" was established and began communication between coast radio stations and ships at sea.
PatentPatent applicationSoftware patentPatent infringement


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