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Timeline of human evolution: Quiz


Question 1: Proconsul's ________-like features include thin tooth enamel, a light build with a narrow chest and short forelimbs, and an arboreal quadrupedal lifestyle.
PrimateOld World monkeyHominidaeMonkey

Question 2: The study of human evolution is a major component of ________.
AnthropologyCultureSocial sciencesSocial anthropology

Question 3: Proconsul was an early ________ of catarrhine primates.
SpeciesLifeBiological classificationGenus

Question 4: The timeline of human evolution outlines the major events in the development of human species, and the ________ of humans' ancestors.
Population geneticsNatural selectionIntroduction to evolutionEvolution

Question 5: The neocortex region of the ________ first evolved in mammals and thus is unique to them.
Nervous systemSensory systemBrainDigestion

Question 6: The ________, still living today, retains some characteristics of the primitive chordates.

Question 7: From amphibians came the first reptiles: Hylonomus is the earliest known ________.

Question 8: Acanthostega had both lungs and ________, also indicating it was a link between lobe-finned fish and terrestrial vertebrates.
Fish anatomySwim bladderDemersal fishGill

Question 9: Other hominid designations such as Homo georgicus, ________, Homo pekinensis, Homo heidelbergensis are often put under the umbrella species name of Homo erectus[15].
Homo ergasterAustralopithecus afarensisHuman evolutionHomo habilis

Question 10: This timeline is based on studies from paleontology, ________, morphology and from anatomical and genetic data.
Developmental biologyPrenatal developmentHuman development (biology)Embryogenesis

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