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Timeline of evolution: Quiz


Question 1: 500 million years of ________ and proto-amphibians,
Fish anatomyForage fishFishPelagic fish

Question 2: The Ancestor's Tale by ________, for a list of ancestors common to humans and other living species
Richard DawkinsThe God DelusionIntelligent designThe Selfish Gene

Question 3: [citation needed], first ________ and turtles (Odontochelys).

Question 4: 25,000 years since ________ died out.
Homo floresiensisNeanderthalHumanHuman evolution

Question 5: In ________, evolution is the process by which populations of organisms acquire and pass on novel traits from generation to generation.

Question 6: 570 million years of ________ (ancestors of insects, arachnids and crustaceans),

Question 7: 400 million years of ________ and seeds,

Question 8: Contemporary species are related to each other through ________, products of evolution and speciation over billions of years.
Creation–evolution controversyCommon descentBiologyPhylogenetic tree

Question 9: 65 million years since the non-avian ________ died out,

Question 10: For a thorough explanatory context, see the history of Earth, and ________.
Julian calendarGregorian calendarGeologic time scaleCalendar


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