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Question 1: In the 17th century, a synthesis of the ideas of these two disciplines, that is the deductive and the experimental, leads to the development of a process of thinking known as the ________.
Relationship between religion and scienceSciencePseudoscienceScientific method

Question 2: Natural philosophers (such as ________ and Democritus) used deductive reasoning in an attempt to explain the behavior of the world around them.
EmpiricismBertrand RussellAristotlePlato

Question 3: Timeline of chemistry lists important works, discoveries, ideas, inventions, and experiments that significantly changed mankind's understanding of the composition of matter and of the interactions thereof, the modern science known as ________.
ChemistryPeriodic tableInorganic chemistryElectrochemistry

Question 4: Alchemists (such as ________ and Rhazes) were people who used experimental techniques in an attempt to extend the life or perform material conversions, such as turning base metals into gold.
Abbasid CaliphateMuhammad ibn Zakariya al-RaziAl-KindiGeber

Question 5: Prior to the acceptance of the ________ and its application to the field of chemistry, it is somewhat controversial to consider many of the people listed below as "chemists" in the modern sense of the word.
Relationship between religion and sciencePseudoscienceScientific methodScience

Question 6: The history of chemistry in its modern form is often considered to begin with the Irish scientist ________, though its roots can be traced back to the earliest recorded history.
VacuumFrancis BaconRobert BoyleAtheism


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