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Question 1: ________: Treaty of San Francisco officially signed by 49 nations; Japan officially renounced claims to Taiwan, but without designating a recipient.

Question 2: ________: Tapani Incident, largest revolt in Taiwanese history; over 100 protesters killed by Japanese authorities.
September 29January 119701915

Question 3: ________: August 7 Flood: serious flooding in central Taiwan.

Question 4: ________: Three mini-links between Kinmen, Matsu and the mainland of Fujian begins.

Question 5: ________: Keelung and Tamsui harbor are blockaded by the French Navy during the Sino-French War.

Question 6: ________: July - the first direct China-Taiwan flights begin in nearly 6 decades.

Question 7: ________: Pingtung Line Railroad completed

Question 8: ________: Chen Yi recalled and Taiwan Provincial Government established.

Question 9: 1949-1987: ________ and the White Terror period.
United StatesMartial lawIsraelPakistan

Question 10: ________: The United States passes the Taiwan Relations Act, which affirms US commitment to defend Taiwan militarily and to treat Taiwan as a state for most purposes of U.S.

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