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Timeline of Indian history: Quiz


Question 1: Panini's standardized Sanskrit is known as ________.

Question 2: 1761 The ________ are defeated in the Third battle of Panipat bringing an end to their expansion.
MarathaBhandariKarhade BrahminGoa

Question 3: 80 BC: Establishment of the ________ kingdom.
Kushan EmpireIndo-GreeksWestern SatrapsIndo-Scythians

Question 4: 1964: - Death of Prime Minister ________.
Purushottam Das TandonJawaharlal NehruC. RajagopalachariAbul Kalam Azad

Question 5: ________ is sworn in as prime minister.
DelhiManmohan SinghIndiaGordon Brown

Question 6: 1948: - ________ assassinated by Hindu extremist.
C. RajagopalachariJawaharlal NehruAbul Kalam AzadMohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Question 7: 266 BC: Ashoka conquers and unifies most of South Asia, along with ________ and eastern Iran.
Central Intelligence AgencyNon-Aligned MovementAfghanistanNATO

Question 8: 1993: President ________ and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif both resign under pressure from military.
Zulfikar Ali BhuttoGhulam Ishaq KhanAyub KhanMuhammad Zia-ul-Haq

Question 9:
  • Ashoka inscribes the Edicts of Ashoka, written down using ________.
    Tibetan scriptKhmer scriptBrāhmī scriptSanskrit

Question 10: 1310: ________'s army under Malik Kafur occupies Devagiri ending the Seuna Yadava Kingdom
Mongol EmpireAfghanistanKhilji dynastyAlauddin Khilji


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