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Timeline of Christianity: Quiz


Question 1: 312 Vision of Constantine: while gazing into the sun he saw a cross with the words by this sign conquer, see also ________, he was later called the 13th Apostle and Equal-to-apostles
Byzantine EmpireChi RhoRoman EmperorLabarum

Question 2: Local Coptic priests and then the ________ of Assiut issue statements in 2000 and 2006, respectively
Coptic historyArmenian Apostolic ChurchGreek Orthodox Church of JerusalemCoptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria

Question 3: 1800 ________ publishes his first book, beginning Liberal Christianity movement
Friedrich Daniel Ernst SchleiermacherFriedrich NietzscheGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelImmanuel Kant

Question 4: 1678 ________ publishes Pilgrim's Progress
Reformed BaptistJohn BunyanCharles SpurgeonBaptist

Question 5: 692 Orthodox Quinisext Council, convoked by Justinian II, approved ________ of Apostolic Constitutions, Clerical celibacy, rejected by Pope Constantine
HalakhaCanons of the ApostlesLegal systems of the worldCanon law

Question 6: The purpose of this timeline is to give a detailed account of Christianity from the beginning of the current era (________) to the present.
Julian calendarGregorian calendarAnno DominiByzantine calendar

Question 7: 1952 ________, critical edition of Greek NT, basis of modern translations
VulgateBiblical manuscriptNew TestamentNovum Testamentum Graece

Question 8: 966 ________ duke of Poland baptised, Poland becomes a Christian country.
History of PolandBolesław III WrymouthMieszko I of PolandBolesław I Chrobry

Question 9: 335 Council in Jerusalem, reversed Nicaea's condemnation of ________, consecrated Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulchre
ArianismAriusConstantine IArian controversy

Question 10: 1942 ________ founded\
National Association of EvangelicalsBaptistHoliness movementChristian denomination


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