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Time in Australia: Quiz


Question 1: ________ - Standard Time and Summer Time Act 1972[8]
Northern TerritoryNew South WalesAustralian Capital TerritoryVictoria (Australia)

Question 2: Significantly, it also relies on local time for federal elections, so that polling times in ________ close, in effect, two hours after those in the eastern states.
Western AustraliaSouth AustraliaTasmaniaNorthern Territory

Question 3: ________ - Standard Time Act 1987 No 149[7]
New South WalesAustraliaQueenslandVictoria (Australia)

Question 4: ________ - Standard Time Act 1894[6]
QueenslandAustraliaNorthern TerritoryNew South Wales

Question 5: ________ has three standard time zones from GMT: western (UTC+08), central (UTC+09:30) and eastern (UTC+10).
United KingdomAustraliaCanadaBarbados

Question 6: ________ - Standard Time Act 2009[3] and the Daylight Saving Act 1971[4]
Western AustraliaNorthern TerritoryVictoria (Australia)South Australia

Question 7: Since then, the only major change has been the adoption of Central Standard Time in ________, and the use of GMT+10:30 on Lord Howe Island.
Broken Hill, New South WalesWagga Wagga, New South WalesMelbourneOrange, New South Wales

Question 8: New South Wales (NSW), the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Victoria (Vic), South Australia (SA), and Tasmania observe ________ every year.
Radio clockTime zoneDaylight saving timeCoordinated Universal Time

Question 9: Residents of towns on the Eyre Highway (including Eucla, Caiguna, Madura, Mundrabilla and Border Village) in the south-east corner of ________ near the South Australian border do not follow official Western Australian time.
Northern TerritoryTasmaniaVictoria (Australia)Western Australia

Question 10: Public opinion on daylight-saving time in ________ is divided.
AustraliaNew South WalesQueenslandNorthern Territory


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