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Time division multiple access: Quiz


Question 1: TDMA is a type of ________, with the special point that instead of having one transmitter connected to one receiver, there are multiple transmitters.
Direct-sequence spread spectrumWavelength-division multiplexingFrequency-division multiplexingTime-division multiplexing

Question 2: The ITU-T ________ standard, which provides high-speed local area networking over existing home wiring (power lines, phone lines and coaxial cables) is based on a TDMA scheme.

Question 3: It is also used extensively in ________ systems, and combat-net radio systems.
NASAGeocentric orbitSatelliteSpace Race

Question 4: ________ protocol which is also a wired network used for Safety Critical communication in modern cars, uses the TDMA method for data transmission control.
Controller area networkMedia Oriented Systems TransportBus (computing)FlexRay

Question 5: Time division multiple access (TDMA) is a ________ for shared medium networks.
Circuit switchingChannel access methodMedia Access ControlDuplex (telecommunications)

Question 6: In radio systems, TDMA is usually used alongside Frequency-division multiple access (FDMA) and ________ (FDD); the combination is referred to as FDMA/TDMA/FDD.
Duplex (telecommunications)Code division multiple accessTime division multiple accessChannel access method

Question 7: Advanced equalization may be necessary for high data rates if the channel is "frequency selective" and creates ________
Phase-shift keyingIntersymbol interferenceTelecommunicationDistortion

Question 8: This allows safe inter frequency handovers, something which is difficult in CDMA systems, not supported at all in ________ and supported through complex system additions in Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS).
Cellular networkIS-954GCDMA2000

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