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Time (magazine): Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Time (magazine)?

Question 2: ________ is an author (Primary Colors) and a columnist for the magazine who writes the "In the Arena" column for the magazine.
George W. BushJoe KleinBill ClintonJoe Lieberman

Question 3: Time would release another special edition magazine in June 2009 following the death of ________.
Michael Jackson's This Is It: The Music That Inspired the MovieThe Jackson 5Michael JacksonThriller (song)

Question 4:
Where does Time (magazine) come from?
United States
Czech Republic
Great Britain

Question 5:
Which company produces Time (magazine)?
This England International Ltd.
Lucasfilm Animation
Pebblehut Productions
Time Inc.

Question 6:
What is the frequency of Time (magazine)?
was bi-monthly print; now weekly online
Bi-weekly nWeekly nDaily

Question 7:
What is the circulation of Time (magazine)?
61,540 Sunday
8,985 homes and businesses
5,339 daily

Question 8:
Time (magazine), Time (magazine) and Weird Tales are all:
Weekly magazines Use mdy dates from August 2010 Worth Bingham Prize recipients Publications established in 1923

Question 9:
Time (magazine), CNN and MapQuest are all:
Worth Bingham Prize recipients Time Warner subsidiaries Canadian news magazines Use mdy dates from August 2010

Question 10: ________ who restored democracy in the Philippines and impressed the U.S.
Corazon AquinoGloria Macapagal-ArroyoBenigno Aquino, Jr.People Power Revolution

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