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Timbuktu: Quiz


Question 1: Other attractions include a ________, terraced gardens and a water tower.
MuseumParisArt museumLondon

Question 2: The crisis drove many of the inhabitants of Tombouctou Region to ________ and Libya.

Question 3:
Timbuktu, Bamako and Gao are all:
Massina Empire Ancient cities Communities on the Niger River Regional capitals in Mali

Question 4:
Who played Emir Bhaki aka The Lion of the Desert the movie Timbuktu?
John Dehner
John Dehner
Victor Mature
George Dolenz

Question 5: It was important historically (and still is today) as an entrepot for ________ originally from Taghaza, now from Taoudenni.
Sodium sulfateSodium hydroxideSodium chlorideSodium carbonate

Question 6:
What role did George Dolenz play in the movie Timbuktu?
Mike Conway
Emir Bhaki aka The Lion of the Desert
Colonel Charles Dufort

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  Sankore Madrasah
  Felix Dubois provided a mundane view of Timbuktu, showing here a merchant selling salt just outside town.
  The Timbuktu Manuscripts showing both mathematics and astronomy.

Question 8:
When was Timbuktu established?
About XI Century
late 19th century
8th century BC , 169 BC
10th century

Question 9:
What type is thing is Timbuktu?
Cultural and educational organization
Social, Cultural
Human and cultural history

Question 10:
Who played Colonel Charles Dufort the movie Timbuktu?
Robert Clarke
James Foxx
George Dolenz
George Dolenz


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