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Timbre: Quiz


Question 1: But it is implied by the existence of the harmonic series — the A above would be distinguishable from the one an ________ below (220 Hz, 440 Hz, 880 Hz) by the presence of the 660 Hz third harmonic, even if the fundamental were indistinct.
SemitoneFifteenthOctaveInterval (music)

Question 2: There are also ________ such as pink or white.
Colors of noiseJohnson–Nyquist noiseCarrier-to-receiver noise densityNoise (electronics)

Question 3: ________ of the optical spectrum are not generally explicitly associated with particular sounds.
ColorPrimary colorPurpleGreen

Question 4: Timbre is often cited as one of the fundamental aspects of ________.
Classical musicMusic theoryMusicMusical notation

Question 5: Most western instruments produce harmonic sounds, but many instruments produce partials and ________ tones, such as cymbals and other indefinite-pitched instruments.
Stretched tuningElectronic tunerInharmonicityPiano

Question 6: The ________ defines timbre as "[...] that attribute of sensation in terms of which a listener can judge that two sounds having the same loudness and pitch are dissimilar".
C (programming language)FortranInternational Organization for StandardizationAmerican National Standards Institute

Question 7: Timbre is also known in ________ as tone quality or tone color.
Code excited linear predictionAudio compression (data)Data compressionPsychoacoustics

Question 8: The spectrogram enables ________ of the musical note in terms of its specific spectral content and its temporal attack, sustain, decay and release.
Propositional calculusQuantificationAmbiguityFirst-order logic

Question 9: Any sound can be decomposed into its constituent frequencies and ________.
WaveCrest factorAmplitudeMeasuring instrument

Question 10: The richness of a sound or note produced by a musical instrument is sometimes described in terms of a sum of a number of distinct ________.
FrequencyWaveElectromagnetic radiationOptics


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