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Timber framing: Quiz


Question 1: A big part of those houses are no longer standing, though a lot of them are still present in newest colonies, such as the ones in Santa Catarina, ________.
BrazilEast TimorPortugalMozambique

Question 2: In the Weald of ________ and Sussex, the half-timbered structure of the Wealden hall house[1], consisted of an open hall with bays on either side and often jettied upper floors.

Question 3: trusses (the slanting timbers forming the triangular framework at gables and ________),

Question 4: The possibility of infestation by insects such as termites, ________ or powderpost beetles, or by other pest animals such as mice and rats.
CockroachMantisCultural references to cockroachesArthropod

Question 5: Wall studs (subsidiary upright limbs in framed walls), for example, ________.
CheshireAudlemBaddileyClose studding

Question 6: Recently, it has become common to surround the timber structure entirely in manufactured panels, such as SIPs (________).
WisconsinR-value (insulation)Structural insulated panelBuilding material

Question 7: wall-plates (at the top of timber-framed walls that support the ________ and joists of the roof).
TrussBeam (structure)Truss bridgeI-beam

Question 8: Some of the earliest known timber houses in Europe have been found in Scotland and ________, dating to Neolithic times; Balbridie and Fengate are some of the rare examples of these constructions.
United KingdomBritish peopleEnglandWales

Question 9: Today, regularized timber can mean that timber framing is treated as joinery, especially when timber is cut by large ________ (computer numerical control) machines.
Numerical controlMachine toolMilling machineMetalworking

Question 10: To finish the walls, the spaces between the timbers were often infilled with wattle and daub, ________, or rubble.

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