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Tiltrotor: Quiz


Question 1: For vertical flight, the rotors are angled so the plane of rotation is horizontal, lifting the way a ________ does.
Tail rotorIntermeshing rotorsHelicopter rotorRotorcraft

Question 2: Although two designs, the Canadair CL-84 Dynavert and the ________, were technical successes, neither entered production due to other issues.
LTV XC-142Grumman F3FBeechcraft StaggerwingBeechcraft Model 18

Question 3: In this mode the wing provides the lift, and the rotor provides thrust as a ________.
SteamboatPropeller (aircraft)PropellerJet engine

Question 4: In ________, a German prototype, called the Focke-Achgelis FA-269 was developed starting in 1942, but never flew.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarSoviet occupations

Question 5: This method trades off efficiency in vertical flight for efficiency in ________/STOVL operations.
Cessna 340Cessna 150Cessna 182STOL


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