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Tilde: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, three consecutive tildes (~~~) create a "signature" (which can be customised by the user), five consecutive tildes (~~~~~) result in the time in UTC, and four consecutive tildes (~~~~) result in the signature followed by the time in UTC.
DokuWikiWikiWikiWebMindTouch DekiMediaWiki

Question 2: The tilded "G̃" (note that G/g with tilde is not available as a precomposed glyph in ________) stands for the velar nasal consonant.
Universal Character SetUnicodeUTF-8Han unification

Question 3: In "text mode" of the ________ typesetting language a stand-alone tilde can be obtained with \~{} and for use as a diacritics, e.g., like \~{n} rendering "ñ".

Question 4: It was originally written over a letter as a mark of ________, but has since acquired a number of other uses as a diacritic mark or a character in its own right, and there are a number of Unicode characters for these different roles.
Acronym and initialismAbbreviationEnglish languageUnited States

Question 5: Current languages in which the tilded "n" ("ñ") is used for the ________ consonant /ɲ/ include:
Palatal nasalVelar nasalVoiceless alveolar fricativeBilabial nasal

Question 6: In the C, C++ and C# programming languages, the tilde character is used as an operator to invert all ________ of an integer (bitwise NOT), following the notation in logic (an ! causes a logical NOT, instead).
Character (computing)ByteBitRecord (computer science)

Question 7: In the ________, the tilde is used as an array concatenation operator, as well as to indicate an object destructor.
C (programming language)Objective-CJava (programming language)D (programming language)

Question 8: In ________, a tilde is used to denote objects that process at the computer's sampling rate, i.e.
Max (software)Mac OS XElectronic musicPure Data

Question 9: This is true for games such as Half-Life, Halo CE, Quake, Half-Life 2, Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix, Unreal, ________ and others based on the Quake engine or Source engine.
Portal (video game)Team Fortress 2Half-Life: Opposing ForceCounter-Strike

Question 10: It is sometimes used in ________ games to represent water or snakes.
RoguelikeTactical role-playing gameComputer role-playing gameRole-playing video game


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