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Tikrit: Quiz


Question 1: The US Army finally captured Saddam Hussein on December 13, 2003 during ________.
Operation Red DawnIraq WarPost-invasion Iraq, 2003–presentIraqi insurgency

Question 2: In September 1917, British forces captured the town during a major advance against the ________ during World War I.
Turkish peopleTurkeyIstanbulOttoman Empire

Question 3: Tikrit is the setting in the song Radio Tikrit by the ________ punk band Bobot Adrenaline
Los AngelesGlendale, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaLong Beach, California

Question 4: Major General ________ said, "I would anticipate that the major combat operations are over."
United States ArmyDavid PetraeusBryan D. BrownStanley A. McChrystal

Question 5: WWE's ________ 2007 was held in Tikrit, Iraq.
WWE RawWorld Wrestling EntertainmentWWE SmackDownWWE Tribute to the Troops

Question 6: American comedienne ________ performed for the troops in Tikrit, which is also featured in her TV series Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List.
Rosie O'DonnellAnderson CooperKathy GriffinE! True Hollywood Story

Question 7: The palace complex had served as a headquarters for U.S. 4th Infantry Division, ________, and 42nd Infantry Division.
Terry de la Mesa Allen, Sr.2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division (United States)2nd Infantry Division (United States)1st Infantry Division (United States)

Question 8: Around 1138,[3] the legendary Kurdish leader Saladin was born there; his many achievements include defending Egypt against the Christian ________ and recapturing Jerusalem in 1187.
CrusadesEast–West SchismFirst seven Ecumenical CouncilsCounter-Reformation

Question 9: The town, and much of Iraq with it, was devastated in the 13th century by the Mongol invasion under ________.
Hulagu KhanMongol EmpireFranco-Mongol allianceKublai Khan

Question 10: Tikrit (تكريت, Tikrīt also transliterated as Takrit or Tekrit) is a town in Iraq, located 140 km northwest of ________ on the Tigris river (at 34.61°N, 43.68°E).


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