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Question 1: The Tight End is sometimes the last man on the ________, but has a slightly different build and a different role than other Linemen.
American football positionsQuarterbackPunter (football)Center (American football)

Question 2: The ________[2] and the Washington Redskins[3] have been credited with being the first teams to utilize two tight ends as part of their base offense.
Detroit Lions2009 Detroit Lions season2010 Detroit Lions season1957 Detroit Lions season

Question 3: Most modern offenses (due to the introduction of the ________) now use Tight Ends more as receivers than blockers.
Brett FavreJohn ElwayBill Walsh (American football coach)West Coast offense

Question 4: In the National Football League (________), tight ends are usually larger and slower than a wide receiver, and therefore able to block more effectively.
2009 NFL seasonNational Football LeagueThanksgiving ClassicAmerican Football League

Question 5: New England Patriots coach ________ also claims to have developed the formation while he was an assistant coach of the Lions.
Tom BradyBill BelichickRomeo CrennelPepper Johnson

Question 6: The tight end (TE) is a position in ________ on the offense.
Arena footballTouch football (American)American footballGridiron football

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