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Tiger I: Quiz


Question 1: On 25 September 1951, the captured tank was officially handed over to the ________ by the British Ministry of Supply.
T-26 tankT-34Tank classificationBovington Tank Museum

Question 2:

Question 3: [5] Although the general design and layout were broadly similar to the previous medium tank the ________, the Tiger weighed more than twice as much.
Panzer IIIPanzer IVSturmgeschütz IIIPanzer 35(t)

Question 4: A few favoured divisions, such as the Grossdeutschland or some of the low-numbered ________ divisions had a handful of Tigers.
Axis powersWaffen-SSSchutzstaffelNazi Germany

Question 5:
What engine does the Tiger I use?
Maybach HL230 P45
Maybach HL 230, gasoline
Maybach HL120TRM V-12 gasoline engine
12-cylinder, water-cooled Maybach HL120TRM

Question 6: The Tiger is particularly associated with SS-Haupsturmführer ________ of schwere SS-Panzerabteilung 101.
Joachim PeiperMichael WittmannErwin RommelHerbert Otto Gille

Question 7: Using ________ ammunition, which was in constant short supply and primarily issued to tank destroyers, frontal penetrations were possible out to just over 500 m.
Kinetic energy penetratorVehicle armourDepleted uraniumShell (projectile)

Question 8: The petrol (gasoline) engine was a 21-litre (1282 cuin) 12-cylinder ________ HL 210 P45 with 650 PS (641 hp, 478 kW).

Question 9: Another new feature was the Maybach-Olvar hydraulically-controlled ________ and semi-automatic transmission.
Preselector gearboxDual clutch transmissionManual transmissionAutomatic transmission

Question 10: United States Army Ordnance Museum, ________, United States.
Pine Bluff ArsenalDugway Proving GroundAberdeen Proving GroundUnited States biological weapons program

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