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Tiger: Quiz


Question 1: In the past, the tiger's range was widespread in Asia, from the Caucasus and the ________ to Siberia and Indonesia.
Issyk KulAral SeaArctic OceanCaspian Sea

Question 2: It seems likely that the function of stripes is ________, serving to help tigers conceal themselves amongst the dappled shadows and long grass of their environment as they stalk their prey.
Military camouflageCamouflageCrypsisConvergent evolution

Question 3:
What genus does Tiger belong to?
Petradoria pumila

Question 4: All existing populations are at extreme risk from poaching, prey depletion as a result of poaching of primary prey species such as deer and wild pigs, ________ and inbreeding.
ExtinctionHabitat fragmentationHabitat conservationBiodiversity

Question 5: [3][10] The generic component of its scientific designation, Panthera tigris, is often presumed to derive from Greek pan- ("all") and theron ("beast"), but this may be a ________.
Dutch languageGerman languageFalse etymologySwedish language

Question 6: The Bali Tiger (Panthera tigris balica) was limited to the island of ________.
Central JavaJakartaIndonesiaBali

Question 7:
What is the binomial of Tiger?
Tremella frondosa
Amblycercus holosericeus
Panthera tigris
Hollrungia aurantioides

Question 8: The word "tiger" is taken from the Greek word "tigris", which is possibly derived from a Persian source meaning "arrow", a reference to the animal's speed and also the origin for the name of the ________ river.

Question 9: Newer techniques based on ________ from their scat are also being evaluated.

Question 10:
What kind of animal is a Tiger?

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