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Tiffany (Child's Play): Quiz


Question 1: Impressed by the creative murder, Chucky proposes to Tiffany, and they engage in ________.
Sexual intercourseMasturbationHuman sexual behaviorPregnancy

Question 2: Unaware that Tiffany and Chucky are actually dolls, he takes advantage of this opportunity to take his girlfriend Jade (Katherine Heigl) from her overprotective uncle, Warren Kincaid (________).
Carroll O'ConnorMichael J. FoxJohn RitterGolden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy

Question 3: Before they leave, Warren attempts to frame Jesse by putting a bag of ________ in his van, unaware that Chucky and Tiffany are in the van needing a ride to Hackensack.
Psychedelics, dissociatives and deliriantsCannabis smokingCannabidiolCannabis (drug)

Question 4: It turns out Chucky's real corpse is buried somewhere in Forrest Creek Cemetery in Hackensack, ________.
DelawareMassachusettsNew JerseyPennsylvania

Question 5: Most recently, Devil's Due Publishing have started an eponymous series which will include a ________ crossover.
2004Cassie HackHack/SlashBUMP (comics)

Question 6: Tiffany (Child's Play) at the ________
Internet Movie DatabaseBox Office

Question 7: Tiffany was voiced by ________ nominee Jennifer Tilly in Bride of Chucky and again for Seed of Chucky.
Academy Award for Best DirectorAcademy Award for Best ActorAcademy AwardAcademy Award for Best Picture

Question 8: After hijacking a recreational vehicle from another couple, Jesse and Jade are forced to drive the dolls to the ________ in Hackensack.
CemeteryHouseShopping mallNew town

Question 9: Just before Tiffany transfers her ________ into Jade, she stabs Chucky, as she is touched by Jade and Jesse's love for each other, which makes her realizes they belong dead.

Question 10: Tiffany Valentine Ray (also known as "The Bride of Chucky") is a murderous doll featured in the Child's Play series of ________, famous for featuring the iconic killer doll Chucky.
Splatter filmExploitation filmHorror filmSlasher film

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