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Tifa Lockhart: Quiz


Question 1: A member of the terrorist group ________ and owner of the 7th Heaven bar, Tifa is the childhood friend of Cloud Strife, the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII.
Aerith GainsboroughCharacter design of Final FantasyCharacters of the Final Fantasy VII seriesCharacters of Final Fantasy VIII

Question 2:
Tifa Lockhart was part of which series?
Ateneo advances to the Finals
Compilation of Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy series
Final Fantasy series and Compilation of Final Fantasy VII

Question 3: She has long, black hair in a style resembling a ________'s tail at the tip,[7] and garments described as simple and monotone consisting of a white tank top and black mini-skirt.
DolphinBottlenose dolphinCetaceaToothed whale

Question 4: Tifa was developed to use the "Martial Artist" ________ that appears in previous games in the series.
Experience pointComputer role-playing gameMassively multiplayer online role-playing gameCharacter class

Question 5: ________ on Final Fantasy Wiki at Wikia
Tifa LockhartSephiroth (Final Fantasy)Cloud StrifeBarret Wallace

Question 6: In 2007, Dengeki PlayStation named her the eighth best fictional character all time to appear in games for the Sony ________.
PlayStationPlayStation 2PlayStation PortablePlayStation 3

Question 7: [39] That same year, ________ named her the "Hottest Game Babe" of 1998, describing her as "well-proportioned as they come" and praising her as a viable alternative to Lara Croft.
Electronic Gaming MonthlyVideo game consoleNintendo PowerEGM April Fools' jokes

Question 8: [27] ________ readers named her one of the ten best female characters in video games, with the site's editors noting they agreed.
CBSLast.fmCNET NetworksGameSpot

Question 9: When developing ________, director Takeshi Nozue had difficulty developing a framework for Tifa's body that was "balanced, yet showed off her feminine qualities".
Final Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenCloud StrifeSephiroth (Final Fantasy)Tifa Lockhart

Question 10: In 2005, she appeared in the CGI film ________, set after the events of Final Fantasy VII.
Tifa LockhartFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenCloud StrifeSephiroth (Final Fantasy)

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