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Tierra del Fuego: Quiz


Question 1: On the Argentine side there are several ________ established.
Electronic engineeringElectrical engineeringElectronicsEngineering

Question 2: They were taken to meet the King and Queen in ________ and were to an extent celebrities.

Question 3: The southern point of the archipelago forms ________.
Magellanic subpolar forestsCape HornTierra del FuegoPatagonia

Question 4: The cold and wet summers help preserve the ancient ________.
Ice sheetLittle Ice AgeGlacierCurrent sea level rise

Question 5: Regions in the world with similar climates to southern Tierra del Fuego are: ________, Iceland, Alaska Peninsula and Faroe Islands.
Attu IslandAmchitkaCommander IslandsAleutian Islands

Question 6: The surviving three returned to Tierra del Fuego in the Beagle with ________, who made extensive notes about his visit to the islands.
Charles DarwinCharles Darwin's religious viewsEvolutionCharles Darwin's education

Question 7: It is a subpolar ________ (Köppen climate classification Cfc) with short, cool summers and long, wet, moderate winters: the precipitation averages 3,000 mm (118 in) a year.
United StatesLondonOceanic climateFrance

Question 8: The name Tierra del Fuego derives from the Portuguese explorer ________ sailing for the Spanish Crown, who was the first European to visit these lands in 1520.
Spanish EmpireSpainPortuguese EmpireFerdinand Magellan

Question 9: Four native ________, including "Jemmy Button" (Orundellico), were brought from Tierra del Fuego by Robert FitzRoy on his first voyage with the HMS Beagle in 1830.
Yaghan languageSelknamTehuelcheFuegians

Question 10: North ________, introduced in the 1940s, have proliferated and caused considerable damage to the island's forests.
North American BeaverCanadian LynxBobcatCoyote

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