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Tidus: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, he does not appear within the storyline, but is briefly mentioned by Selphie.
Kingdom Hearts Birth by SleepFinal Fantasy XKingdom Hearts IIKingdom Hearts (video game)

Question 2: After arriving in Spira, Tidus encounters an eccentric salvager race, the Al Bhed, and learns from a young Al Bhed girl named ________ that 1000 years have passed since the destruction of Zanarkand.
RikkuFinal Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy XLulu (Final Fantasy)

Question 3: As the lead character, the player controls Tidus through the game, manipulating his actions through the unfolding storyline in traditional ________ style.
Final FantasyFinal Fantasy VIFinal Fantasy (video game)Final Fantasy VII

Question 4: [23] In "Destiny Odyssey," Tidus originally was with ________, Cecil Harvey, and Firion in finding their crystals.
Cloud StrifeAerith GainsboroughFinal Fantasy VIISephiroth (Final Fantasy)

Question 5: Tidus was also compared to Squall Leonhart, the protagonist from ________.
Final Fantasy XFinal Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy XIFinal Fantasy VIII

Question 6: Tidus (ティーダ Tiida?) is the protagonist in the console role-playing game ________.
Final Fantasy XFinal Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy XIIFinal Fantasy X-2

Question 7: In the first Kingdom Hearts, he appears with younger versions of Wakka and ________'s Selphie Tilmitt,[24] serving as an optional sparring opponent.
Final Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy VIIIFinal Fantasy XIFinal Fantasy XII

Question 8: ________ noted the differences in appearances between the two, comparing Squall's darker colored outfit and "permanent mope" against Tidus' brighter outfit and weapon along with "an indelible grin".

Question 9: Tidus has received an overall positive reception, and has also had various types of merchandise modeled after his likeness; for example, ________ and jewelry.
Action figureDC Universe ClassicsMcFarlane ToysTransformers (toy line)

Question 10: Tidus figures prominently into the plot of ________, though his appearances in the sequel are few.
Final Fantasy XIIFinal Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy VIIIFinal Fantasy VII

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