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Tickling fetishism: Quiz


Question 1: [5] The body openings and ________ are extremely ticklish; however, the tickling of these areas is generally not associated with laughter or withdrawal.
VulvaPenisClitorisErogenous zone

Question 2: Although some consider it a ________ activity, tickling is not fully recognised by the community and is relatively unknown in the mainstream.
ProstitutionBDSMHuman sexualityErotic spanking

Question 3: In ________ scenarios, sexual partners may agree upon a safeword to signal that tickling should stop.
BDSMDominance and submissionMaster/slave (BDSM)BDSM in culture and media

Question 4: The parts of the body which tend to be the most ticklish are the soles of the feet[1], the armpits, sides of the torso, neck, knee, midriff, navel, ________ and the ribs.
Female ejaculationBreastRectumPenis

Question 5: Tickling serves as a bonding mechanism between friends, and is classified by ________ as part of the fifth and highest grade of social play which involves special intimacy or “cognitive interaction”.
PsychologyPsychotherapyPsychologistClinical psychology

Question 6: [4] During adolescence, tickling often serves as an outlet for sexual energy between individuals, with erotic games, ________ and sex becoming the motivation of the tickler.
ForeplayHuman sexualityMasturbationOrgasm

Question 7: Knismolagnia is the experience of sexual gratification from the act of ________.
Tickling fetishismHumanTicklingFoot

Question 8: [7] It can play a part in courting rituals, especially among younger people, and can therefore be considered part of ________ for many partners in the term's broadest sense.
ForeplayMasturbationOrgasmHuman sexuality

Question 9: Erotic tickling or tickling fetishism refers to an activity in which participants experience ________ from tickling, or being tickled by, another person.
Sexual arousalOrgasmPenisClitoris

Question 10: Excessive tickling has been described as a primary sexual obsession and, under these circumstances, is sometimes considered a form of ________.
ParaphiliaSexual fetishismHuman sexualityBDSM

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