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Question 1: [5] After the summer update of ________, two new areas were added to Rookgaard, a tutorial island and a vocation island.

Question 2: In a tomb, there is a floor that resembles the layout of ________.
Pac-ManiaMs. Pac-ManPac-ManPac-Man Plus

Question 3: The game is very similar to the ________ in many aspects.
Ultima OnlineUltima VI: The False ProphetUltima (series)Ultima VII

Question 4: Gameplay involves advancing levels while training to improve skill levels, hunting monsters using ________ and magical spells, gathering treasures, doing quests and exploring the Tibia world.
WeaponMilitary historyIndustrial warfareArtillery

Question 5: Players interact with each other in character for conversation, trade and group battles and partake in ________ for more role-playing opportunities.
Free marketGuildCapitalismTrade union

Question 6: There's a place called "Hard Rock Tavern", a reference to ________.
Hard Rock CafeNew York CityChicagoLos Angeles

Question 7: Rookgaard, created in December, ________, is where players learn to play Tibia.

Question 8: The top three countries within the poll are ________ with 26.56%, Poland with 24.38%, and Mexico with 8.65% representing their share of the aforementioned 1.4 million registered accounts.
BrazilPortugalEast TimorMozambique

Question 9: 38 MB ________ space (Windows)
Universal Serial BusHard disk driveUSB flash driveFloppy disk

Question 10: The game also contains several references to ________, starting with the title Tibia (the shin bone) itself.
Human anatomyOrgan (anatomy)RectumPenis

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