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Tibeto-Burman languages: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:
  • Maha-Kiranti (includes ________, Magar, Rai)
    Classical Nepal BhasaNepal BhasaShukraraj ShastriSiddhidas Mahaju

Question 3:
Which out of the following is a child of Tibeto-Burman languages?
West Chadic A
Bodish, West Himalayish, Tamangic, Lhokpu, Lepcha, Gongduk, Tshangla
West Keres
West Transu2013New Guinea linkage , Wiru

Question 4: A number of other small families and isolates as primary branches of Tibeto-Burman
(________, Qiang, Nung, Magar, Chakma etc.)
Shukraraj ShastriClassical Nepal BhasaNepal BhasaSiddhidas Mahaju

Question 5: Approximately 8 million Tibetans and related peoples speak one of several related ________.
Tibetan languagesTibetan cultureStandard TibetanKhams Tibetan language

Question 6: Like Matisoff, George van Driem (2001) acknowledges that the relationships of the "Kuki-Naga" languages (Kuki, ________, Meitei, etc.), both amongst each other and to the other Tibeto-Burman languages, remain unclear.
Mara peopleMizoHmarChakma people


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