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Tibet during the Ming Dynasty: Quiz


Question 1: The Columbia Encyclopedia distinguishes between the Yuan Dynasty and the other Mongol Empire khanates of Ilkhanate, ________ and the Golden Horde.
Genghis KhanKublai KhanChagatai KhanateBorjigin

Question 2: [1] ________ workshops during the Ming also catered specifically to the Tibetan market with silk clothes and furnishings featuring Tibetan Buddhist iconography.
SpandexSilkLinenKente cloth

Question 3: By the late 16th century, the Mongols were successful armed protectors of the Yellow Hat Dalai Lama, after increasing their presence in the ________ region.
AmdoTibet Autonomous RegionTibetDalai Lama

Question 4: Yongle came out of the palace in Nanjing to greet the Karmapa and did not require him to ________ like a tributary vassal.

Question 5: [11] The Mongol Prince Godan, a grandson of Genghis Khan, raided as far as ________.
Damxung CountyDoilungdêqên CountyLhasaLhünzhub County

Question 6: In 1207, the Mongol ruler ________ (r. 1206–1227) conquered and subjugated the ethnic Tangut state of the Western Xia (1038–1227).
Golden HordeGenghis KhanÖgedei KhanMongol Empire

Question 7: [9][12] During his attack in 1240, Godan summoned Sakya Pandita (1182–1251), leader of the Sakya Tibetan Buddhist sect, to his court in what is now ________ province in Western China.
Linxia CityTianzhu Tibetan Autonomous CountyGansuDunhuang

Question 8: [70] However, Van Praag states that Tibetan rulers upheld their own separate relations with the kingdoms of Nepal and ________, and at times "engaged in armed confrontation with them."[40]
SrinagarJammuJammu and KashmirKashmir

Question 9: [62] When the Ming Yongle Emperor invited ________ (1357–1419), founder of the Yellow Hat sect, to come to the Ming court and pay tribute, the latter declined.
NyingmaKagyuKarmapaJe Tsongkhapa

Question 10: Langlois writes that there was unrest in Tibet and western Sichuan, which the Marquis Mu Ying (沐英) was commissioned to quell in November 1378 after he established a Taozhou garrison in ________.
DunhuangGansuLinxia CityTianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County


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