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Tiberian vocalization: Quiz


Question 1: This traditional medieval pronunciation was committed to writing by Masoretic scholars based in the Jewish community of ________ in the period ca.
TiberiasSafedAcre, IsraelNazareth

Question 2: Later they were applied to other texts (one of the earliest being the ________), and used widely by Jews in other places with different oral traditions for how to read Hebrew.
TalmudMinor tractateMishnahTosefta

Question 3: The shwa under a consonant with ________ forte or lene.
Hebrew alphabetHebrew phonologyDageshHebrew language

Question 4: Examples: יִרְמִיָהוּ /jiʀmĭˈjɔːhuː/ Jeremiah 21:1; עִנִייָן /ʕiːnĭˈjɔːn/ in ________' autograph in his commentary to the Mishnah.
Thomas AquinasMaimonidesAverroesSoul

Question 5: This last case has similitudes with phenomena occurring in the Samaritan Pronunciation and the ________.
Arabic languageSemitic languagesAramaic languagePhoenician language

Question 6: The transcriptions of the Biblical text made by the members of the ________ community into Arabic characters, and vocalized with Tiberian signs, help us get a glimpse of the pronunciation of Tiberian Hebrew.
Karaite JudaismJewish holidayJewsKhazars

Question 7: Other vocalization traditions such as: the vocalization of the ________; and, to a lesser extent, the Babylonian vocalization.
Timeline of Jewish historyJewish historyLand of IsraelZionism

Question 8: Tiberian Hebrew designates the extinct canonical pronunciation of the Hebrew Bible or ________ and related documents.
KetuvimTanakhChristianity and JudaismNevi'im

Question 9: Since those days, Israeli Hebrew and traditions such as the Sephardi and ________ pronounce shwa na' in a uniform fashion, as /e/ or /ə/, or omit it altogether.
Sephardi JewsJewsAshkenazi JewsJewish ethnic divisions

Question 10: The so-called Palestinian tradition has evolved into contemporary Israeli Hebrew via the intermediate ________ (although its graphic implementation was abandoned).
Sephardi Hebrew pronunciationHebrew languageMizrahi HebrewTiberian vocalization

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