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Question 1: Positive selection selects cells with a T cell receptor able to bind MHC class I/II or ________ molecules with at least a weak affinity.
PeptideMelanotan IIBremelanotideAfamelanotide

Question 2: At this stage thymocytes upregulate both ________ and CD8, becoming double positive cells.
CD14CD4Interleukin-7 receptorCD23

Question 3: Additional mechanisms of tolerance active in the periphery exist to silence these cells such as anergy, deletion, and ________.
Regulatory T cellT helper cellCytotoxic T cellThymocyte

Question 4: Thymocytes that have a T cell receptor incapable of binding MHC class I or class II undergo ________.
ApoptosisApoptosis-inducing factorSignal transductionTranscription factor

Question 5: Molecules known to be important for thymus entry include P-selectin (CD62P), and the chemokine receptors ________ and CCR9.
C-C chemokine receptor type 7C-C chemokine receptor type 6CCR1CCR3 (gene)

Question 6: The T cell receptor requires CD8 as a coreceptor to bind to MHC class I, and ________ as a coreceptor to bind MHC class II.
CD4Interleukin-7 receptorCD14CD23

Question 7: If these peripheral tolerance mechanisms also fail, ________ may arise.
Cell-mediated immunityAutoimmunityHypersensitivityAutoimmune disease

Question 8: Cells that fail to produce a functional pre-TCR are eliminated by ________.
Transcription factorApoptosis-inducing factorApoptosisSignal transduction

Question 9: If T cells bearing these T cell receptors were to enter the periphery, they would be capable of activating an immune response against self, resulting in ________.
Autoimmune diseaseHypersensitivityAutoimmunityCell-mediated immunity

Question 10: If these peripheral tolerance mechanisms also fail, ________ may arise.
AutoimmunityAutoimmune diseaseHypersensitivityCell-mediated immunity


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