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Thurible: Quiz


Question 1: In the usual non-solemn celebration of Mass according to the 1962 rubrics, known as ________, incense is not allowed.
Tridentine MassLow MassPapal MassMass (liturgy)

Question 2: Simple tapers are carried while censing during ________ and memorial services.
CremationDeath and cultureBurialFuneral

Question 3: Should the Regina Coeli (during Easter) or the ________ be said or sung, then the celebrant or other appropriate person may cense the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the following form:
MagnificatAngelusMarian devotionsRosary

Question 4: Incense is understood as symbolizing the sanctifying grace of the ________ and the prayers of the Saints rising to heaven.
JesusApostle (Christian)New TestamentHoly Spirit

Question 5: The hand censer is also used in some ________ even when a priest is present for certain censings which are done by a monastic other than a vested priest or deacon.
MonkMonasticismMonasteryChristian monasticism

Question 6: Thurifer instructions at the ________.
Easter VigilEpiscopal Church (United States)Cathedral Church of Saint Matthew, Dallas, TexasBishop

Question 7: The word "thurible" comes from the ________ thurible, which in turn is derived from the Latin term "thuribulum".
Romance languagesEnglish languageOld FrenchFrench language

Question 8: Burning charcoal is inside the metal ________.
Gospel (liturgy)ThuribleCenserOrthodox Church

Question 9: The faithful will often burn incense, using a hand censer, in the home during Morning and Evening Prayers, and it is not unusual for the head of the household to bless the Holy ________ and all of the members of the household with a hand censer.
Byzantine EmpireIconByzantine IconoclasmHagia Sophia

Question 10: The censer will usually have three outer chains (for the ________) attached to the bowl, and a fourth inner chain (for the Oneness of God) attached to the lid.
TrinityBiblical canonGod in ChristianityChristology


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