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Thunderstorm: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Domingo Ribas the movie Thunderstorm?
Carlos Thompson
Félix de Pomés
Félix de Pomés
Charles Korvin

Question 2:
What role did Gary Thorne play in the movie Thunderstorm?
Pablo Gardia
Diego Martinez
Miguel Gardia

Question 3: There are four types of thunderstorms: single cell, multicell cluster, multicell lines, and ________.
Convective storm detectionCumulonimbus cloudSupercellTornado

Question 4: ________ is extremely rare and has several hypothesized explanations.
OxygenBall lightningWill-o'-the-wispEngland

Question 5: Kampala and Tororo in Uganda have each been mentioned as the most thunderous places on Earth,[71] an accolade which has also been bestowed upon ________ on Java, Indonesia or Singapore.
DepokBandungBogorWest Java

Question 6: Tornadoes come in many sizes but are typically in the form of a visible condensation funnel, whose narrow end touches the earth and is often encircled by a cloud of debris and ________.
Air pollutionDustRoadParticulate

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  Lightning storm over Sydney, New South Wales
  A return stroke, cloud-to-ground lightning strike.
  Formation of numerous waterspouts in the Great Lakes region. (North America)
  Trees uprooted or displaced by the force of a downburst wind.

Question 8: The trigger for this lift can be ________ heating the ground producing thermals, areas where two winds converge forcing air upwards, or where winds blow over terrain of increasing elevation.
Direct insolationInsolationSunlightSeason

Question 9: Thunderstorms may line up in a series or ________, known as a squall line.
Tropical cycloneEye (cyclone)CycloneRainband

Question 10: Hail can cause serious damage, notably to ________, aircraft, skylights, glass-roofed structures, livestock, and most commonly, farmers' crops.
Vacuum servoDisc brakeAutomobileThrottle


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