Thug: Quiz

Question 1: ________, a hip hop group created by Tupac Shakur
Still I RiseTupac ShakurMopreme ShakurTupac Shakur discography

Question 2: "Thug Love", a song by ________ featuring Destiny's Child from Power of the Dollar
50 Cent Is the Future50 Cent discography50 CentGet Rich or Die Tryin' (soundtrack)

Question 3: Thugs, pewter-consuming characters in the ________ series of books by Brandon Sanderson
Mistborn: The Final EmpireMistborn seriesAllomancerPaperback

Question 4: Thug (from Hindi ठग ṭhag), the member of the former Indian cult ________.
RajputBengalMughal EmpireThuggee

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