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Thrust: Quiz


Question 1: The resulting thrust pushes the boat in the opposite direction to the sum of the ________ change in the water flowing through the propeller.
Classical mechanicsForceEnergyMomentum

Question 2: For example: the ________ with 3,960 pounds of thrust at 559 mph equates to 5,903 horsepower.
Messerschmitt Me 163Messerschmitt Bf 110Messerschmitt Bf 109Messerschmitt Me 262

Question 3: In the air-breathing category, the AMT-USA AT-180 jet engine developed for ________ produce 90 N (20 lbf) of thrust.
Radio-controlled aircraftRadio-controlled carModel aircraftRadio-controlled model

Question 4: When a system expels or ________ mass in one direction the accelerated mass will cause a proportional but opposite force on that system.
AccelerationKinematicsSpeedEuclidean vector

Question 5: This can be done in several ways including by the spinning blades of a propeller, or a rotating turbine pushing air from the back of a ________, or by ejecting hot gases from a rocket engine.
Jet engineSwing-piston engineStirling engineRocket engine nozzle

Question 6: Reverse thrust can be generated to aid braking after landing by reversing the pitch of variable pitch propeller blades, or using a ________ on a jet engine.
Glass cockpitThrust reversalAuxiliary power unitAutothrottle

Question 7: Rotary wing aircraft and ________ V/STOL aircraft use engine thrust to support the weight of the aircraft, and vector some of this thrust fore and aft to control forward speed.
VTOLThrust vectoringAV-8B Harrier IIF-35 Lightning II

Question 8: Each of the three ________ can produce a thrust of 1.8 MN, and each of its two Solid Rocket Boosters 14.7 MN, together 29.4 MN.
Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39Space Shuttle main engineSpace Shuttle external tankCrawler-transporter

Question 9: power (________) = thrust (lbf) x speed (feet/second) / 550
Fuel oilISO/IEC 646Shoe sizeHorsepower

Question 10: power (________) = thrust (newtons) x speed (metres/second)


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