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Throne room: Quiz


Question 1: The throne was made for Empress Anna Ivanovna in London and the picture behind displays Peter the Great with ________.
MinervaJupiter (mythology)ApolloReligion in ancient Rome

Question 2: The sumptuous room has gold garnishing with crimson-velvet wall coverings complemented by a ________ ceiling, lit by a rock crystal chandelier.
VenetoGiovanni Battista TiepoloCa' RezzonicoVenice

Question 3: The palace was last used by ________ when it was later declared a national monument in 1871, after the collapse of the empire.
House of BonaparteLouis-Philippe I, King of the FrenchNapoleon II of FranceNapoleon III of France

Question 4: The throne room of ________, residence of the British Monarch in the capital city of London, is used for court gatherings and as a second dancing room.
Windsor CastleBalmoral CastleClarence HouseBuckingham Palace

Question 5: For over 700 years, the Grimaldi family have ruled ________ and it is in this throne room that many historic festivals and ceremonies have taken place since the 16th century.
MonacoSpainVatican CityAndorra

Question 6: The trial of Queen Lili'uokalani also occurred in this room where she was founded guilty and imprisoned within the palace by the ________.
Kingdom of HawaiiRepublic of HawaiiProvisional Government of HawaiiHistory of Hawaii

Question 7: Although the Tower of London is still a royal residence, it has not been inhabited since the reign of ________ in the 1500s, when it became a prison for royal enemies.
Edward VI of EnglandElizabeth I of EnglandHenry VIII of EnglandJames I of England

Question 8: There are cases in ________ and Asia where the very name of the 'capital' is not a fixed place, but was the place wherever a king settled for a few years.
Sub-Saharan AfricaScramble for AfricaAfricaAfrican Union

Question 9: Henry VIII's most frequently used residence was, in fact, at Hampton Court, not in ________.

Question 10: It is dominated by a proscenium arch supported by a pair of winged figures of 'victory' holding garlands above the two thrones, which are originals from the Queen's ________ in 1953.
MonarchyAustrian Crown JewelsCrown jewelsCoronation


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