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Thromboxane: Quiz


Question 1: It is in homeostatic balance in the ________ with prostacyclin, a related compound.
Circulatory systemHeartMyocardial infarctionFetal circulation

Question 2: Thromboxane is a member of the family of lipids known as ________.
EicosanoidLeukotrieneArachidonic acidProstaglandin

Question 3: Thromboxane-A synthase, an enzyme found in platelets, converts the ________ derivative prostaglandin H2 to thromboxane.
Eicosapentaenoic acidEicosanoidLipoxinArachidonic acid

Question 4: Thromboxane is named for its role in clot formation (________).
Deep vein thrombosisLymphedemaThrombosisCerebral venous sinus thrombosis

Question 5: Thromboxane acts by binding to any of the thromboxane receptors, G-protein coupled receptors coupled to the ________ Gq[1].
Ras (protein)Plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPaseGTPaseG protein

Question 6: Thromboxane is a ________ and a potent hypertensive agent, and it facilitates platelet aggregation.
VasodilationAngiotensinVasoconstrictionBlood pressure

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