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Question 1: Thrombomodulin functions as a cofactor in the thrombin-induced activation of ________ in the anticoagulant pathway by forming a 1:1 stoichiometric complex with thrombin.
Protein CFactor XProtein SPlasmin

Question 2: In humans, thrombomodulin is encoded by the THBD ________.

Question 3: The ________ described as BDCA-3[2] has turned out to be identical to thrombomodulin.
Immune systemAntigenPhagocytePolyclonal B cell response

Question 4: [3] Thus, it was revealed that this molecule also occurs on a very rare (0.02%) subset of human ________ called MDC2.
Dendritic cellWhite blood cellMicrogliaEosinophil granulocyte


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