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Three-legged bird: Quiz


Question 1: The earliest known depiction of a three-legged bird appears in ________ pottery of the Yangshao culture.
Vinča cultureNeolithicCucuteni-Trypillian cultureLinear Pottery culture

Question 2: In ________, it is known as Samjokgo (hangul: 삼족오; hanja: 三足烏).
GoguryeoGojoseonKorean mythologyDangun

Question 3: The three-legged (or "tripedal") bird is a creature found in various mythologies and arts of ________, Asia Minor, and North Africa.

Question 4: In ________ and culture, the three-legged bird is called the Sanzuniao (Chinese: 三足鳥pinyin: sānzúniǎo) and is present in many myths and is also mentioned in the Shanhaijing.
Journey to the WestThree Sovereigns and Five EmperorsChinese dragonChinese mythology

Question 5: In ________, the Fènghuáng is commonly depicted as being two legged but there are some instances in art in which it has a three legged appearance.
Chinese mythologyChinese dragonThree Sovereigns and Five EmperorsJourney to the West

Question 6: Both the Japan Football Association and subsequently its administered teams such as the ________ use the symbol of Yatagarasu in their emblems and badges respectively.
Korea Republic national football teamJapan national football teamAustralia national association football teamAsian Football Confederation

Question 7: In East Asian mythologies the three-legged bird is most often associated with the ________.
SunSolar SystemStarEarth

Question 8: [11] [12] In the Yongtai Tomb dating to the ________ Era, when the Cult of Xi Wangu flourished, the birds are also shown as being three-legged.
Han DynastyMing DynastyTang DynastySong Dynasty

Question 9: During the period of the ________, the Samjogo was a highly regarded symbol of power, thought superior to both the dragon and the Korean phoenix.
GoguryeoBuyeo kingdomGojoseonBalhae

Question 10: [2] It has also been found figured on ancient coins from ________ and Pamphylia.

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