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Three-domain system: Quiz


Question 1:
Eukarya Domain - ________, nuclear membrane

Question 2: In particular, it emphasizes the separation of ________ into two groups, originally called Eubacteria (now Bacteria) and Archaebacteria (now Archaea).
Gram-positive bacteriaCyanobacteriaProkaryoteGram-negative bacteria

Question 3: The three-domain system is a biological classification introduced by Carl Woese in 1990[1] that divides cellular life forms into ________, bacteria, and eukaryote domains.

Question 4: In fact, the structure of a Eukaryote is likely to have derived from a joining of different cell types, forming ________.
OrganelleMitochondrionCell nucleusCell (biology)

Question 5: Woese argued that, on the basis of differences in 16S rRNA ________, these two groups and the eukaryotes each arose separately from an ancestor with poorly developed genetic machinery, often called a progenote.

Question 6:
Bacteria Domain - ________, no nuclear membrane, traditionally classified as bacteria, contain all known pathogenic prokaryotic organisms, studied far more extensively than Archaea
Gram-positive bacteriaProkaryoteGram-negative bacteriaCyanobacteria


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