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Thrash metal: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Thrash metal have?
The Damage a Man Can Do
Power of the Damager
Damaged by Love
"Damage Inc."

Question 2: Megadeth, which was formed by former Metallica guitarist ________, released their debut album Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!, and Anthrax released the critically acclaimed Spreading The Disease in 1985.
Kill 'Em AllDave MustaineJames HetfieldThe Mechanix

Question 3: ________ bands directly influenced the development of early thrash.
Heavy metal musicBay Area thrash metalNew Wave of British Heavy MetalTraditional heavy metal

Question 4: [29] In recent years the UK has taken part significantly in the thrash metal resurgence, with bands such as ________, Savage Messiah, Gama Bomb, Hospital of Death and a reformed Onslaught.
EvileWacken Open AirHeavy metal musicTerrorizer (magazine)

Question 5: ________ released Pleasure to Kill, which would later be an influence on the death metal genre.
Endless PainViolent RevolutionKreatorOutcast (album)

Question 6: ________, also considered the offspring of thrash[31], may have risen even sooner, with many black metal bands taking influence from thrash metal bands such as Venom.
Death metalEarly Norwegian black metal sceneBlack metalHeavy metal music

Question 7: [32] According to ________, the term was coined by the band D.R.I. with their album Crossover, released on 1987.
Heavy metal musicIndustrial metalEncyclopaedia MetallumBlack Sabbath

Question 8: This genre is more aggressive compared to its relative, speed metal, and can be seen in part to be a reaction to the lighter, more widely acceptable sounds and themes of ________.
Rock musicHeavy metal subgenresHeavy metal musicGlam metal

Question 9: [30] With gorier subject matter, heavier downtuning of guitars, the more persistent use of the blastbeat, and darker, atonal death growls, ________ was established in the mid-1980s.
Death metalBlack metalHeavy metal musicHeavy metal subgenres

Question 10: Originally, thrash metal in Poland was strongly influenced by ________.
New Wave of British Heavy MetalBay Area thrash metalTraditional heavy metalHeavy metal music

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