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Thrace: Quiz


Question 1: As a geographical concept, Thrace designates a region bounded by the Balkan Mountains on the north, Rhodope Mountains and the ________ on the south, and by the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara on the east.
GreeceAegean SeaAegean civilizationsSamos Island

Question 2:
Thrace, Anatolia and Geography of Turkey are all:
Geography of Greece Geography of Turkey Bulgarian historical regions Divided regions

Question 3: The rest of Thrace was divided between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey at the beginning of the 20th century, following the ________, World War I and the Greco-Turkish War.
Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878)Balkan WarsFirst Balkan WarItalo-Turkish War

Question 4: Greek mythology is replete with Thracian kings, including Diomedes, Tereus, Lycurgus, Phineus, Tegyrius, Eumolpus, Polymnestor, Poltys, and Oeagrus (father of ________).

Question 5: In 1265 the area suffered a Mongol raid from ________, led by Nogai Khan.
Golden HordeMongol EmpireIlkhanateChagatai Khanate

Question 6: Homeric Thrace was vaguely defined, and stretched from the River Axios in the west to the Hellespont and ________ in the east.
Baltic SeaBlack SeaMediterranean SeaAegean Sea

Question 7:
Thrace, History of Greece and Republic of Venice are all:
Ancient Roman provinces Divided regions Thracians History of Greece

Question 8:
Thrace, Tsar and Visigoths are all:
Geography of Turkey History of Bulgaria Geography of Greece Thracians

Question 9:
Thrace, Moesia and Blagoevgrad Province are all:
Bulgarian historical regions Ancient Roman provinces History of Turkey Geography of Greece

Question 10: With the ________ in 1878, Northern Thrace was incorporated into the semi-autonomous Ottoman province of Eastern Rumelia, which united with Bulgaria in 1885.
Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878)Congress of BerlinItalo-Turkish WarBalkan Wars


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