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Thousand origami cranes: Quiz


Question 1: Several temples, including some in Tokyo and ________, have eternal flames for World Peace.
OsakaKure, HiroshimaHiroshimaFukuyama, Hiroshima

Question 2: Larger size origami paper, usually 6x6 inches, often has traditional Japanese or flower designs, reminiscent of ________ patterns.

Question 3: Sets of origami ________ are sold widely in Japan, with Senbazuru sets including 1000 (or more, in case of mistakes) sheets of paper, string, and beads to place at the end of each string to prevent the cranes slipping off[1].
PapermakingPulp (paper)Fourdrinier machinePaper

Question 4: Thousand Origami Cranes (千羽鶴 Senbazuru or Zenbazuru ?) is a group of one thousand ________ paper cranes held together by strings.
CollagePaper marblingOrigamiKnitting

Question 5: Nunnally Lamperouge of the Anime ________ was blinded and paralyzed after being caught in the crossfire during her mother's assassination.
Fullmetal AlchemistCardcaptor SakuraChobitsCode Geass

Question 6: The play A Thousand Cranes, by Kathryn Schultz Miller, dramatizes the story of little Sadako Sasaki of ________, who tried to stave off her death from radiation sickness by making one thousand origami cranes.
Fukuyama, HiroshimaKure, HiroshimaHiroshimaTokyo

Question 7: Throughout the first season of the show she can often be seen making origami paper cranes and she even references to ________, her brother, that if she were to make 1000 of them then she would be able to be cured.
Nunnally LamperougeLelouch LamperougeCode GeassJeremiah Gottwald


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