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Thoracic cavity: Quiz


Question 1: If the pleural cavity is breached from the outside, as by a bullet wound or knife wound, a ________, or air in the cavity, may result.
Respiratory diseasePneumomediastinumPleural diseasePneumothorax

Question 2:
How do you write Thoracic cavity in latin?
Dioecesis Legionensis
peritoneum urogenitale
Archidioecesis Ibaguensis
cavitas thoracis

Question 3: structures of the respiratory system, including the trachea, bronchi and ________
LungDigestionCirculatory systemImmune system

Question 4: The organs (offal) of the thoracic cavity of ________ are known collectively as pluck.

Question 5: structures of the ________ including the paired vagus nerves, and the paired sympathetic chains,
Intracranial pressureSensory systemNervous systemAlzheimer's disease

Question 6: structures of the ________, including the esophagus,
Endocrine systemImmune systemDigestionStomach

Question 7: thoraxlesson3 at The Anatomy Lesson by Wesley Norman (________)
Rutgers UniversitySyracuse UniversityGeorgetown HoyasGeorgetown University

Question 8: ________, including the thymus gland,
Endocrine systemThyroidEndocrine glandHypothalamus

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