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Thomas the Apostle: Quiz


Question 1:
When did Thomas the Apostle die?

Question 2:
Where did Thomas the Apostle die?

Question 3:
When was Thomas the Apostle born?
1st century AD

Question 4: The authors, ________ and Pellegrino, identify him with two of those who were interred in the Talpiot Tomb, "Yehuda son of Yeshua."
Exodus DecodedDuke UniversityMcGill UniversitySimcha Jacobovici

Question 5: The Nag Hammadi "sayings" ________ begins: "These are the secret sayings that the living Jesus spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas recorded." Syrian tradition also states that the apostle's full name was Judas Thomas, or Jude Thomas.
GnosticismGospel of ThomasSimon MagusDevelopment of the New Testament canon

Question 6: Besides the Acts of Thomas there was a widely circulated Infancy Gospel of Thomas probably written in the later 2nd century, and probably also in ________, which relates the miraculous events and prodigies of Jesus' boyhood.

Question 7: So according to the Syriac version of the Acts of Thomas, Masdai, the local king at ________, after questioning the apostle condemned him to death about the year A.D.
ChennaiGreenways RoadPark Town, ChennaiMylapore

Question 8:
Where was Thomas the Apostle born?

Question 9:
What is Thomas the Apostle also known as?
Plummer, Arthur Christopher Orme
DeRepentigny, Marie Grace
Judas Thomas Didymus, Jude Thomas Didymus
Stephens, D. Mallory

Question 10: In Edessa, where his remains were venerated, the poet ________ (died 373) wrote a hymn in which the Devil cries,
Catholic ChurchEast–West SchismEphrem the SyrianJohn Chrysostom


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