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Question 1: He sold most of the government fleet of Mercedes cars and made the ________ (the cheapest car sold in Burkina Faso at that time) the official service car of the ministers;
Renault 18Renault 5Renault MéganeRenault Clio

Question 2: Sankara's family wanted him to become a ________ priest.
BishopCatholicismEcumenical councilCatholic

Question 3: [3] Born into a Roman Catholic family, "Thom'Sank" was a Silmi-Mossi, an ethnic group that originated with marriage between ________ men and women of the pastoralist Fulani people.
Côte d'IvoireMossiBurkina FasoGhana

Question 4: The Burkinabé government was also the first African government to publicly recognize ________ as a major threat to Africa.
HIVAIDS dementia complexAIDSICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseases

Question 5: [7] The Malian government claimed that the act was a violation of its ________ on the Agacher strip.

Question 6: The coup d'état was supported by Libya which was, at the time, on the verge of war with France in ________[6] (see History of Chad).
MauritaniaChadNigerCentral African Republic

Question 7: He attended primary school in Gaoua and high school in ________, the country's second city.
FranceBobo-DioulassoBurkina FasoOuagadougou

Question 8: Fittingly for a country with a large ________ population, he was also familiar with the Qur'an.

Question 9: In the same year he met Blaise Compaoré in ________.
Saudi ArabiaMoroccoUnited Arab EmiratesJordan

Question 10: His father fought in the French army during ________ and was detained by the Nazis.
Soviet occupationsWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II

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