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Thomas Ewing: Quiz


Question 1: Ewing served in the position from March 8, 1849–July 22, 1850 under Taylor and ________.
Martin Van BurenGrover ClevelandMillard FillmoreJohn Tyler

Question 2: Born in West Liberty, Ohio County, ________ (now West Virginia).
New JerseyMarylandVirginiaNorth Carolina

Question 3: Ewing served as Secretary of the Treasury from March 4, 1841 – September 11, 1841, serving under Presidents William Henry Harrison and ________.
James BarbourJames MonroeJohn TylerLittleton Waller Tazewell

Question 4: Ewing was later appointed to serve as the first Secretary of the Interior by President ________.
Abraham LincolnWinfield ScottZachary TaylorJefferson Davis

Question 5: His foster son was the famous general ________.
Henry Wager HalleckWilliam Tecumseh ShermanPhilip SheridanUlysses S. Grant

Question 6: After studying at Ohio University and reading law under Philemon Beecher, Ewing commenced the practice of law in ________, in 1816.
Lancaster, OhioPickerington, OhioColumbus, OhioReynoldsburg, Ohio

Question 7: Two of Ewing's other sons – ________ and Charles Ewing (General) – also became generals in the Union army during the Civil War.
Hugh Boyle EwingAmerican Civil WarLouisville in the American Civil WarWilliam Tecumseh Sherman

Question 8: Thomas Ewing, Sr. (December 28, 1789 – October 26, 1871) was a National Republican and Whig politician from ________.
IndianaOhioNew JerseyMichigan

Question 9: Ewing's namesake son, Thomas Ewing, Jr., was an ________ Union army general and two-term U.S.
TennesseeAmerican Civil WarUnited StatesBleeding Kansas


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