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Thomas Arne: Quiz


Question 1: Arne's Catholicism meant that he never composed music for the ________, unlike most other great English composers of his time[3].
Archbishop of CanterburyArchbishop of YorkChurch of EnglandBishop of Lincoln

Question 2: Arne's operas and masques became very popular, and he received the patronage of Frederick, Prince of Wales, at whose country home, ________, the Masque of Alfred, featuring "Rule Britannia", was debuted.
BuckinghamshireEnglandNancy Astor, Viscountess AstorCliveden

Question 3: Arne's father earned enough money not only to rent a large house in Covent Garden but also to have Arne educated at ________.
Sunningdale SchoolEton CollegeLambrookWellington College, Berkshire

Question 4: He also dressed up as a liveryman in order to gain access to the gallery of the ________.
MilanItalyNaplesItalian opera

Question 5: Thomas Augustine Arne (12 March 1710 – 5 March 1778) was an English composer, best known for the patriotic ________.
United KingdomGod Save the QueenScotlandRule, Britannia!

Question 6: Between 1733 and 1776, Arne wrote music for about 90 stage works, including plays, ________, pantomimes, and opera.
MasqueBen JonsonA Midsummer Night's DreamWilliam Shakespeare

Question 7: He was baptized in the ________ faith, his mother's religion.
Ecumenical councilCatholicBishopCatholicism

Question 8: Arne's sister, ________, was a famous contralto, who performed in some of his works, including his first opera, Rosamund.
Michael ArneSusannah Maria CibberAcis and Galatea (Handel)Cecilia Young

Question 9: Upon leaving school, Arne was articled to a ________ for three years.
SolicitorCrown CourtBar councilSolicitor Advocate

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