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Thomas Aquinas: Quiz


Question 1:
How is Thomas Aquinas described?
German theologian, musician, philosopher, and physician
Jewish theologian and philosopher
British theologian and biblical scholar
Philosopher and theologian

Question 2:
Where did Thomas Aquinas die?
Fossanova, Kingdom of Sicily
Los Angeles, California, USA
West Hollywood, California,
Chilliwack, British Columbia

Question 3:
Which of the following genres does Thomas Aquinas produce?

Question 4: The major theological components of ________, such as the Trinity and the Incarnation, are revealed in the teachings of the Church and the Scriptures and may not otherwise be deduced.
EcumenismBaptistChristianityChristian denomination

Question 5: Theologically, his most important and enduring work is the Summa Theologica, in which he expounds his systematic theology of the ________.
Divine simplicityQuinque viaeApophatic theologyThomas Aquinas

Question 6: In a monastery at Naples, near the cathedral of ________, a cell in which he supposedly lived is still shown to visitors.
JanuariusSossiusCatholic ChurchCampania

Question 7: Disputes with some important Franciscans such as ________ and John Peckham conspired to make his second regency much more difficult and troubled than the first.
Peter AbelardBonaventureAlbertus MagnusThomas Aquinas

Question 8:
What did Thomas Aquinas do for a living?
Martial Artist
priest, philosopher, theologian

Question 9:
Where was Thomas Aquinas born?
Vignanello, Italy
Misenum, Italy
Roccasecca, in Lazio, Italy
Pecetto Torinese, Turin, Italy

Question 10:
Which of the following fields did Thomas Aquinas pursue?

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